• NewSound Vivo 201 digital rechargeable hearing aid

NewSound VIVO 201 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid



Qty Price
Buy 1 $199.00 ea
Buy 2 $189.00 ea

Rechargeable Hearing Aids are very popular!

  • Middle Power Behind the Ear hearing aid
  • Digital Hearing Aid
  • 2 Channel WDRC Multi Memory amplifier
  • Noise Reduction - Important
  • Memory Switch
  • Rocker Volume Control
  • Volume and Memory Resume feature
  • More than 16 hours of usage on a single charge
  • Recharging time, approximately 2 hours

Digital Sound Quality

       Enjoy the benefits of clear, pristine digital sound without having to worry every again about the cost and mess of changing batteries.   The universal charging port provides 16 hours of battery life and use with only 2 hours of charging. Portable. Convenient.

       Enhances sound even if you need a significant “boost”

        The Rechargeable Vivo 201 is recommended for anyone who wants that extra boost in sound. It special noise reduction feature automatically adjust to any environment making the VIVO 201 the perfect assist both in quiet and noisy places.

       And you can “set it and forget it”. Once you find the perfect volume for you with the easy to operate “rocker” switch, you never have to adjust it again. Even when you turn if off for the night, the Allegro remembers your control preference and you will have the same volume the next day.



Instruction Manual