• Rechargeable Ampli Ear Hearing Amplifier
  • Rechargeable Ampli Ear Hearing Amplifier

Rechargeable Ampli Ear Hearing Amplifier



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Classification of Hearing Loss: Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss


You may have the experience of your hearing aid abruptly stop during the day as you had forgotten to replace battery with new ones; or feel tired of keep changing battery to let your device running. Hearing aid batteries are too tiny be seen, you may find them difficult to handle with relatively larger hands.

The Rechargeable Ampli Ear with its ability to charge up without the need of replacing batteries can be the solution for you to your problems and provide you with the peace of mind.

  • Small and lightweight. Fits securely in the ear.
  • Uses air conduction hearing aid technology.
  • Allows you to identify your own voice, and not annoy the others by speaking too loud
  • Charge lasts 10 - 12 hours continuously
  • The Rechargeable Ampli Ear will pay for itself in no time not having to purchase replacement batteries.
  • Easy to operate On/Off switch
  • Easy to use operate the variable volume control
  • Long Lasting Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • If you are on the road, your Rechargeable Ampli Ear can also be charged using a single AA battery in the charger included